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EPC: „Erneuerbare Energien“

Wir bieten Projektentwicklern unser Know-How an!

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Working Fields

Preparation of international business contacts!

Support humanitarian projects by marketing consultancy.
Foundation of companies for the purpose of generating revenue.

Support renewable energies, such as photovoltaic, wind farms, cogeneration, biogas plants, civil engineering innovations, worldwide: procurement, development, and construction management for projects in the fields.         Project advice and assistance in implementing.

We are looking for international Market

  • 1. Investor or Cooperations for all kind of Energy-Plants related with renewable energy sector
  • 2. Investors with Proof of Funds for already existing or planed ENERGY PLANTS with very good Return!
  • 3. Properties for Lease or for Sale for Wind and PV -Energy Projects and also Block Heating Systems.

Energy Technology

In energy sector Freshwell is cooperating with a group of companies working in the field of renewable energies world wide. Also the financing such facilities are operated by the partners of Freshwell.

  • 1. Wind generator for privat or commercial use
  • 2. Properties and Roofs for construction of Photovoltaic systems
  • 3. Projects for Hydro and circle Power plants
  • 4. GU-Coordination for construction of all kinds of energy plants
  • 5. Semi production of PV modules
  • 6. Consulting in alternative energy for PV , Windfarm & Hydro Power Plant
  • 7. Sale of PV Modules from Manufacturer
  • 8. Preparation of project documentation and coordination with local authorities;
  • 9. Construction of turnkey facilities;

Services of our Partners in international Marketing

  • 1. Financing Energy-Plants and projects from min. 10 Million Euro.
  • 2. Utilisationg of EU- Promossion also with Interest-Rate and Free-Amortisation.
  • 3. Licensed Consultancies for EU- Promission-Programs
  • 4. Private Equity Offers, also possible to realise without amortisation
  • 5. Network Consulting


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E-Mail: contact (at) freshwell.de
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Chiffre: 2018/06/13: Deutsche Projekte (Innovationen, Immobilien und Energieanlagen) suchen Investoren.

Chiffre: 2018/06/14: „Suchen & Finden“ mit Angeboten von Geschäftspartnern!

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