Working Fields

Energy Technology

In energy sector Freshwell is cooperating with a group of companies working in the field of renewable energies world wide. Also the financing such facilities are operated by the partners of Freshwell.

  • 1. Wind generator for privat or commercial use
  • 2. Properties and Roofs for construction of Photovoltaic systems
  • 3. Projects for Hydro and circle Power plants
  • 4. GU-Coordination for construction of all kinds of energy plants
  • 5. Semi production of PV modules
  • 6. Consulting in alternative energy for PV , Windfarm & Hyrdo Power Plant
  • 7. Sale of PV Modules from Manufacturer
  • 8. Manufacturing Solar powered lamps, accesories, led’s
  • 9. Preparation of project documentation and coordination with local authorities;
  • 10.Construction of turnkey facilities;

Services of our Partners in Eu – Marketing

  • 1. Financing Energy-Plants and projects from min. 5 million Euro.
  • 2. Utilisationg of EU- Promossion also with Interest-Rate and Free-Amortisation.
  • 3. Licensed Consultancies for EU- Promission-Programs
  • 4. Private Equity Offers, also possible to realise without amortisation
  • 5. Network Consulting
  • 6. Swiss-, Liechtenstein and USA-Companies *residence in Low priced Taxes canton in Switzerland

We are looking for the European Market

  • 1. Investor or Cooperations for all kind of Energy-Plants related with renewable energy sector
  • 2. Investors with Proof of Funds for already existing or planed ENERGY PLANTS with very good Return!
  • 3. Properties for Lease or for Sale for Wind and PV -Energy Projects and also Block Heating Systems.